Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wisconsin State Fair Saturday, August 7th review and August 8th preview

Family day at the Fair:

I'll just make a running list of the things we all did/eat(you figure out which things we ate and which we saw)...cream puff, dinosaurs, PB&J, mini-donuts, corn, baked potato, bacon wrapped shrimp tempura, herb kohl milk, pork chop sandwich, huge corn dog, free milk, pigs, pig slide, cows, horses, and lemonade

MMA review:
Well, it seemed like 1000 or so people really admired guys who role around on the ground with other guys" (breakfast club reference). It was what it was. In 2 plus hours I do not know if I saw ten direct hits to anyone. Lots of rolling around on the ground and weak punches. The good thing there were no problems and no stress. Happy about that.

Fair goings on:
guy with a knife, a guy beating the crap out of his fiancée, and a bunch of Hispanics "protesting" by the midway chanting "Yes We Can" in Spanish.

After hours fun:
The Safe House came up big with the first night of actual fun after the fair. Can't wait to celebrate Amanda's bday Tuesday night with a much missed friend, Rob.

Preview for Sunday, August 8th

Main Stage: Jordan Sparks with Honor Society 6pm
TIME WARNER CABLE DAY - SUNDAY, AUGUST 8 Connect with Time Warner Cable and community partners in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Time Warner Cable’s Connect a Million Minds (CAMM) introduces youth to opportunities and resources that inspire them to develop the important STEM skills they need to become the problem solvers of tomorrow.

Bunch of side stages that can be seen at
weather: 87 degrees, 3o% chance of t-storms


Scorpion said...

The first match with the two eighteen year old girls had the hardest punches...

Marshall Art said...

Sorry for the off-topic interruption, but as I recalled you were a Milwaukee teacher, I wondered if you saw this and what your take on it might be.

Time constraints have limited my blog surfing, but I'll be keeping an eye out for your response.

The Game said...

ridiculous..not all teachers are socialist idiots...
And to be honest I would say 35-40 percent of them think the union is stupid..

Marshall Art said...

Ooh! Only 35-40%? Bummer.