Sunday, August 15, 2010

wisconsin state fair Saturday August 14the review and end of fair comments

Bret Michaels/Warrant/Firehouse review:

Bret Michaels dragged 6550 into the Wisconsin State Fair grandstand Saturday night. It was as good a show as could be put on by just Michaels and some fill-ins. Michaels played many Poison hits including: something to believe in, talk dirty to me, I want action, every rose has its thorn, fallin' angel, unskinny bop, and nothin' but a good time to name a few. I think he only played two or three solo songs and a few covers. It was awesome to see him on stage, considering he just had heart and brain surgery in the past 6 or so months. I was surprised that such a big crowd was so quiet. I guess there are two reasons. The older people at the show must have felt a little empty that the rest of Poison was not there, and the young girls that only know him from current TV shows didn't really care about Poison songs. Bret worked hard and even ran to his dressing room twice to take diabetes meds so he could make it through the set. After the show I told him that I have waited 15 years for him to come to the Fair, and he then went into this long story about how he has been at summerfest, waukesha, washington county, etc, but this summer was finally the time to play at the Wisconsin State Fair. Bret might be the nicest, most pesonable person that has ever been at the fair (at least in the last 15 years). He talked to security, told us stories, said he was sorry he could not jump as much tonight, but after those two surgeries he is still tired and that he will jump around more next year. He had a meet and greet where he spent quality time with each person, and it seemed he knew a majority of them personally. Multiple times he sent people to talk to his manager so they could be signed up to come to one of his kid camps for free. Usually these kids have major problems with their diabetes. He talked to fans til after 1am, I had to stand there the whole time and really didn't care. In fact, it was a pleasure watching him interact with everyone. Also, he had great management that were also a pleasure to work with. Way different than a few nights ago with a-hole Train.
Warrant and Firehouse were okay, same as always for old time 80's rockers.

Post party still happened at SafeHouse and Johnny V's: Last time seeing great friends, nice people, great drinks and a 3am fish fry.

Friday Night parade down grandstand Ave. was not as fun as the last few years, but was fun nonetheless.

Final Fair thoughts:
Despite once again having worthless morons who wish they were important try and ruin our time at the fair, we beat them once again by doing a great job, having every act say we are one of the best security crews in the entire United States, enjoyed each other's company and partied like rock stars. In some years past I was tired and happy the fair came to a close, not this year. I am sad to see it end. I will miss not having 5000 calorie dinners, but will not miss how I feel right now after eating all that stuff. I love working the shows and meeting the challenges each night brings...I love just being in the fair park, seeing all the stuff I loved as a kid and still love. I love taking my family to the fair and giving my son the same experiences I had as a child. I love seeing the sheep and laugh at how funny they are. I love cheese curds, cream puffs, drinks at Benno's with Ernie, turkey legs, milk, sports sticks, PB&J on a stick, Safe House til 2am and all the rest. I love seeing people I only get to see 11 or so days a year, and even though he gets grumpy, I love spending lots of time with my Dad. So here is to another great year at the Wisconsin State Fair!


Scorpion said...

Your state fair review has once again been RIGHT ON...hoping we can
do it again one more time in 2011..
Brett Michaels was a very nice guy..great way to finish the last real show...Thanks for all you do..
I'm proud of you always..