Friday, August 13, 2010

Wisconsin State Fair Thursday August 12 review and August 13 preview

Train/Kris Allen review (now with new and improved effort):
Kris Allen was last years American Idol winner, and since that show has always been and will always be complete crap Allen's performance met expectations. It was low skill, cheesy, and less than memorable. He acted like an ass on stage for his sound check and must not realize how little talent he has. You will be able to see him at Jim's Brat Shop opening for the Brat Shop house band by next year.
Train has the hits and the talent. I expected them to be snobs and I'm not sure if they fit that bill or not. They are SanFransisco rockers, so you have to expect some liberal smugness to them. They did the meet and greets, they talked to the fans. Lead singer Pat did go out into the crowd, had people come on stage, his voice sounded pretty good. They sang the hits, "Hey, Soul Sister" "Calling all Angels" "If its love" "Drops of Jupiter" to name a few. They did a basic 75 minute set. It seemed like it was just another day in the office for them..and I guess for Pat he must take ballet classes during work hours since everyone seemed to think he danced like a gay ballerina during the show.
I'm going to guess it was just another day working in the "dickhead manger" office for their manager. Complete with a over-estimated sense of importance and value. This guy needed to know who everyone was at every second. He thought everyone around him wanted to meet Train. It was true, many did. There were two meet and greets. Before the show was the radio station contest winners or something. By manager request they set it up like shit and it took longer than it should have. They had 3X5 pics that instead of passing down the line they just passed all around while talking to each person. Then, after the meet and greet was over I tried to give the manager his pics back and he started yelling at me about how I shouldn't be doing that and its not appropriate to ask for autographs. I interrupted him and told him I was trying to give him his pictures back. He just said, "Oh" took them and walked away. After the show there was another meet and greet with friends. Now, usually the guy who books the acts at the fair and the guy who pays for the acts lets a few people in to meet the band. Today that would have been a total of 8. "super manager" made that out to be as if 100,000 illegal immigrants just jumped the chain linked fence on the border. I explained to him the one guy booked the act and the other guy signs the check. He went into a speech about how if I let them in then all of a sudden there are 100 people. He did say he was "trying to be nice" and did let the 8 people in. He climbed into the ranks of biggest ass managers of all time, but I think he only ended up between 3-5.

After show co-sponsored by Bennos MicroBrew and Safe House.
Had a good time with friends at both Bennos in the Fair and then at Safe House after. I highly recommend both establishments for your next family or friend get together.

Preview for Friday August 13th
Mainstage: Three Dog Night and the grass roots 8pm

Calling all bacon lovers! Sample the Genuine Goodness™ of Patrick Cudahy Sweet Apple-Wood Smoked Bacon and delicious Patrick Cudahy Lunchmeats throughout the day. Enjoy sizzling entertainment from the Patrick Cudahy Barbershop Quartet and have a blast at the Radio Disney Street Jam. Spin the prize wheel for your chance to win fun prizes

the whole family will enjoy.

Cousins: Cowboy Mouth 8pm

Bud: Toys 8-midnight

WaterStreet: Boo the Band 7-11

full line-up at


Scorpion said...

The over zealous arrogant obnoxious
manager of train certainly moves into the top five of d---head managers over my many years and one will ever pass the all time #1.."ROACH"...

Anonymous said...

Writer of this review is clearly a dickhead! Just my opinion.

Scorpion said...

Takes a real dick to put it on someone imagination in that..