Thursday, August 12, 2010

wisconsin state fair Wednesday August 11th review and August 12 review

Montgomery Gentry review:
It finally felt like a state fair tonight at the grandstand complete with a country act and all the fixin's. Meet and greets with tons of people, an actual stage set, a good show and good stories. The opening act was Josh Thompson who is apparently from Wisconsin. During his meet and greet there were three sisters and and mother. Josh congratulated the mother on doing such a good job raising such good looking daughters and said he would be very happy to be invited over for a family dinner. The funny part was after the show the girls told security in front that Josh said they could come back stage and said hi..his response was a "hell no" due to the fact the girls age was in question (for being legal). It turns out two of the three were of age, but I do not think he wanted anything to do with it. Also, his preshow prep included drinking quite a bit of Jim Beam, and for good reason. Montgomery Gentry is sponsored by Jim Beam, and if you were not sure all you had to do was look at the stage, their buses, their truck, the huge inflatable Jim Beam bottles back stage and on the sides of the stage, or the huge limobus of corporate folks who showed up. Show was good, looked like a good old fashioned 80's rock show, which makes sense since most country does sound like 80's rock. Good show with lots of songs that the 5200 in attendance sang to for 90 minutes. Then after the show the band was quickly out into their party area at the exact same moment the Jim Beam execs were walking back stage back to their bus. Well, that turned into another party full of Jim Beam. Back stage was a sharp contrast with one of the guys out drinking hard while the other guy was with his wife and very cute daughter. Its always funny to see how one person changes after having a family when before that both guys were professional drinkers.

After show: Went out into the fair to see the best vendor in the park, Bennos, and something was different. There were lots of people there. Maybe that is because the show was done before the park was closed for once...something the fair should look into if they want the thousands of people who attend the concerts to spend just a little more money at the end of the night.

Eating at the fair: included mac and cheese on a stick, a duck fajita, herb kohl milk, a corn dog and samples of a other items.

Preview of Thursday, August 12th
Mainstage: Train with Kris Allen
GOLDEN GUERNSEY DAIRY DAY - THURSDAY , AUGUST 12 Golden Guernsey Dairy invites you and your family to join them in Central Mall on Thursday, August 12 from 9am-4pm for delicious dairy samples, fun family activities and great raffle prizes including FREE MILK for a year! Don’t miss out on the Celebrity Cream Puff Eating Contest at 11:45am!
Cousins: Molly Hatchet 7pm
all fair events can be seen at
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Scorpion said...

This was really a typical grandstand show night...outstanding in every respect...

Anonymous said...

The only reason the Scorpion said that was outstanding was because it was a country show. He probably didn't get off the back wall for five or six hours, if he held true to form.

Scorpion said...

The back...wall...imagine that...