Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Democrats break with Obama on tax cuts

There ya go..need to act like conservatives before an election to try and win..

Man does America hate liberal socialism after finally seeing it in its full glory..

More and more Dems are against the health care bill now too..
Run away from liberalism to win..Russ is doing it here


Anonymous said...

Why do the Radical Republicans want to push us into another economic depression, just so their rich cronies keep the tax breaks the country cannot afford? Why are the Obama tax cuts for 98 percent of Americans held hostage by McConnell and Boehner? Socialism for the wealthy is no way to run this nation.

The Blame Game

Jason H. Bowden said...

Better prediction:

Once the Republicans take the House and prevent Obama from digging us deeper in a socialist hole, the economy will begin to recover.

Then-- you doom-and-gloomers screaming for more stimulus will take credit as the economy heals, as if the initial stimulus caused it, and your second dose of stimulus socialism was never needed. Doublethink is so easy for you people.