Wednesday, September 15, 2010

November predictions


Dem 51
GOP 49 (pick up 8 seats)...if Delaware would have went differently it would have been 50/50 tie

Dems lose 47 seats..GOP takes control

What happened after two years of Bush? GOP gained two to gain control in senate
How about four years? GOP picks up 4 more in Senate..and two in the House

Showing what people think of the hard core socialist liberalism that has taken over our country..
And you liberals bashed Bush..he didn't lose any seats for 6 years.


Jason H. Bowden said...

My most likely scenario:

Senate: GOP 47, Dems: 53 (GOP +6)
House: GOP: 224, Dems: 211 (GOP +46)

Tsunami scenario:

Senate: GOP 50, Dems 50 (GOP +9)
House: GOP 237, Dems: 198 (GOP +59)

The tsunami scenario is unlikely, though it could happen depending on the way things break. Fiorina, Buck, Kirk, Angle, Rossi, and Johnson all are in close races. I believe the Dems will be able to stop some of the bleeding with the Senate races. I'd be surprised if they keep the House though.

Anonymous said...

Why does it always have to be about Bush? Reagan who?