Saturday, October 30, 2010

Democratic Closing Argument: Personal Attacks

It's not just the Aqua Buddha and David Vitter's prostitute, Democratic candidates across the country are closing out the campaign with personal attacks on Republican candidates, sometimes digging up decades-old legal problems.

In one typical example, Democratic ads have transformed Kentucky Republican House candidate Andy Barr into "a convicted criminal" -- complete with images yellow police tape and fuzzy video of crime scenes. Not mentioned is his crime: As a college student 19 years ago, he was caught using a fake ID during spring break.


Jim said...

Only Democrats are doing this, right?

blamin said...

"Only Democrats are doing this, right?"

Nope, it's as old as politics, and an artform the Dems have perfected.

I do find it amusing when the media portrays Coservatives using lib's voting records as "negative campaining".