Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Latest November 2nd prediction

People hate Barack Obama and liberalism SO SO much that worst the Senate will be tied 50/50 after November 2nd.  I would have never thought this would happen.  And if somehow Boxer loses Republicans take the lead.  Now, that does bring up a dabate..Assuming ODonnell does not win, will that have cost Repubilcan's control of BOTH the house and senate?  The simple answer is yes, but how many other "Tea Party" candidates won where a RINO GOP candidate might have lost?
That is hard to say.
So, make your Predictions and liberals, try and explain how a country can turn on someone so fast and just completely reject your way of thinking.
Took Bush 6 years to start losing seats. 

My official prediction:
At the end of the day Republicans will pick up 9 seats and the Senate will be tied 50/50
GOP picks up 47 House seats and control of House..
Can't wait for Tuesday


Scorpion said...

Still...everyone who doen't like the bizarro world going on in the state and Washington needs to get out and vote..

Jason H. Bowden said...

I'm sticking with my initial prediction, Senate R+6, House R+45.

The tidal wave scenario is entirely in play at this point; the GOP may win +9 in the Senate and 60+ in the House. All depends on how many conservatives we turn out on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the number of presidential vetoes skyrockets over the next two years and Dan Burton starts issuing subpoeanas over birth certificates and other dumbass fantasies.

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