Tuesday, November 02, 2010


GOP already up 1 in senate
and someone who was too extreme, Paul, won easily..

what a shock..CNN exit polls show Dems doing well..and all they do is downplay GOP gains
a black woman said its not abouy obama...joke
blow to a GOP...O'Donnell and McMahon down..only blow to getting over 50 which they are not anyway
WV GOP pick up
Walker wins at 912pm
Johnson wins 940pm
In WI GOP takes all three branches..what a beat down
more GOP senate pick ups...up to 5
IL Obama seat to GOP...up 6

Blame game said on sept 24
In six more weeks Johnson will be exposed for what he is, and your boy Russell will have another six year term.


peace begins in the womb said...

Game, I saw two ACORN-like moonbats at my polling place. They were making up their addresses and couldn't remember them. We will speak out against Marxism today and stop the Alinskyites. I was depressed two years ago and now I feel better. The Marxists tried to fool the American people and they will speak tonight. I got a feeling that tonight will be a good night (song).

Bye, Bye Feingold! Time to paint your garage!

Anonymous said...


Don't spend too much time gloating or celebrating. One lesson from this election is that voters are impatient...and that obstruction in Congress helps make the case that your opponent isn't doing enough to create jobs during a recession. There is a very small window for passing your agenda, and if the GOP holds endless hearings and spends too much time working to undo health care it will look like they're not doing enough to help working people. They ran on creating jobs and cutting spending, so they will be judged on how well they do in those areas. This election was more about sending a message to Dems than an endorsement for the GOP.

I voted for Feingold when I lived in WI. He was liberal no question, but he also cast votes against the party line and worked with the other side on important issues. Now he'll follow all the other ex-senators onto K Street and make some real money. Nobody's shedding any tears for Russell.

Again, congrats and good luck...you're going to need it.

The Blame Game

Jason H. Bowden said...

This election was more about sending a message to Dems than an endorsement for the GOP.

I've been saying this all along. The wounds of the Democrats are entirely self-inflicted. The Democrats lost because:

1. Obama transformed from healer magical negro messiah to angry black man screaming about slurpees and car keys. This scared the crap out of white voters; there is no excuse for Democrats to lose four districts in a state like Illinois. While the Dems have a winning formula with Obama; some thought the problem was he wasn't showing enough emotion, and it backfired.

2. The Democrats painted themselves as moderate, and the Tea Party Republicans as extreme. This was wrong for two reasons. One, they should have sold themselves as implementing extreme measures for extreme times, and painted the Republicans as do-nothings. Secondly, it allowed the GOP to rebrand after eight years of Bush.

3. The Democrats, despite their institutional advantages (CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CNN, MSDNC, the NYT, the Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, Hollywood) wasted all of their ammo on candidates that can't win, like Carl Paladino and Christine O'Donnell. While this made progressives feel smug and superior, they should have been smearing candidates like Rob Portman and Pat Toomey.

4. The Democrats had an incoherent message that delegitimized their agenda. They went into blame mode, blaming the rich, blaming the Bush, blaming Fox News, as if their policies didn't work and needed a villain. This was especially confusing with Bush, as if the Bush deficits caused the recession, and the Obama deficits are causing recovery. If I was a progressive, I would have said Bush didn't go far enough, and progressives had to do extreme things to save an economy in an extreme situation. But their elitism, their arrogance, and their snobbery got the best of them.

The Game said...

if the GOP spends times with hearings that will be a mistake..I agree.

I also agree this was an election telling dems their policies, way of thinking are not american..not that people actually like the GOP..

If the GOP passes bills in the House and offers bills in the senate that go against liberalism they will win big again in 12 and Obama will be gone

Anonymous said...

Walker is inheriting a situation similar to what Obama walked in on, but on a much smaller scale. Like it or not, he owns the mess effective Jan 2011. Trying to blame it all on the Doyle would make him a hypocrite, so he'll need to man-up and accept the responsibility that comes with his position. With both houses of the legislature in GOP hands, he can cram whatever new laws he wants down the throats of the opposition.

For WI's sake let's hope some of those new bills create the jobs that were promised. The clock's ticking.

The Blame Game

The Game said...

I kind of agree
He can not blame Doyle..
However, if he passes laws and set things into place that WI agrees with, it will not matter if the results are not here in two years.
That is where you might not get it.
Liberals didn't get their asses kicked ONLY because things are bad, but because they are bad and Dems kepts doing things America didn't like.

Anonymous said...

"...Dems kepts doing things America didn't like."

Such as...?

Political preferences are like a pendulum that swings back and forth every election cycle. Bush crashed the economy so Obama and Dems benefited. The Dems were seen as not doing enough, and Reps got voted back in. If unemployment does not come down significantly by 2012, voters will swing back again. It will take more than just "set things into place" to placate the masses, and yes it WILL matter if their work doesn't reduced unemployment. The bottom line is that people vote their pocketbook.

Boehner and his boys aren't going to get re-elected in 2012 by doing what they've done the last two years. The US wants leadership, not partisanship. That's the message of the election. If nothing gets done, you can expect the pendulum will swing back again. I hope the Dems in the House don't act like the Reps did the last two years and vote no on everything out of spite. They all ought to be working together on behalf of the country. The political games need to end when the future of the country is at stake.

The Blame Game