Thursday, November 04, 2010

So what does this mean for America?

Was last night a sign that everyone loves the GOP?
Come on..we all know the answer to that.
This was people who have no clue voting for an snake oil salesman (in 08) and forgetting how good they had it with the GOP..but how good did they have it?
Simply put the GOP fucked up.
They were liberal-lite.
They had total control for 6 years and did a little bit, but not much.
They spent too much, just not as much as the liberals did the second they got in.
They have a chance to be in charge for atleast 6 more years.
Are they going to be true conservatives or just a little less liberal-lite this time?
If they are true conservatives, if they nominate an actual conservative in 12, they will gain more seats and have total control for a min of 4 years. 
It was proven on Tuesday that America does not want liberalism.
GOP, give them what they want.
Like Scott Walker said, its time to put up or shut up.
Don't listen to the media, don't give into the temptation GOP. Don't nominate a McCain.
Tuesday America spoke loud and clear...they don't like high taxes, they don't like socialized medicine.  They want the government out of the way...