Saturday, November 06, 2010

GOP: You have two years and you are out?

That is what liberals are saying right now.
That type of comment shows they are missing the reason they took an ass whoooooopin' on Tuesday.
It isn't JUST that America is messing up right now.
It is that things are messed up AND Democrats kept doing things that Americans did not like or think would help.
If the GOP introduces things that Americans think are good ideas and can help change things for the better, they will win more in 2012 with the promise these ideas will be put into motion.
We all know little will actually happen for the next two years, but maybe that is a good thing.
Now businesses can start making plans knowing Obama can not throw a bunch of new taxes and regulations on them
Unemployment will drop soon just because of that fact.
GOP, just propose things Americans think actually makes this country better, because it clear that they do not like govt run health care or huge spending and tax increases...


Jason H. Bowden said...

Two years, and Obama is out!