Sunday, August 07, 2011

Big Time Rush review

There was a big time rush to the Wisconsin State Fair grandstand Saturday night complete with 9200 screaming girls and moms.  (That is more than at Mrs. Spears at Summerfest)  It was easily the biggest paid crowd at the grandstand since they tore down the old one.  These boys danced, sang, joked...they did whatever it took to entertain that crowd.  They did something that I have never seen done before and it was pretty cool.  They had every one take a picture of the stage at the same time...When all those cameras went off around the same time it made a really cool effect.  They were kids doing pop/rock songs from a TV show.  The music was fine, they even did a cover of "I want to hold your hand"  which exemplifies the type of music they played.  It was nice to see so many "young people" enjoy themselves to songs with a nice message.  The girls in the crowd were crazy but listed very well when asked to follow the rules.  I woudn't think that a used water bottle would be exciting but when I gave a girl one after the show she acted as if I gave her a check for $100,000.  The only trouble I had was a mom who refused to take her daughter off her shoulders  until I told her the next person who would tell her would be the police.  All in all a great show, and great for the fair.  Once again the groups manager told us that we were the best security crew they have seen anywhere in the United States.  This happens often because we are.  When they arived at the stage the manager was gonig off about how bad security was the night before, and that we better not ask for autographs or talk to them at all.  By the end of the night he was asking us if we wanted anything. Of course we said no, but it shows what a great job everyone does there.  The only downside to the night was that one of the band members slammed his motorcylce into a rental car.  He was fine but the car was @2500 unfine and I couldn't believe their manager le them do that type of stuff.  What if that guy, Carlos I think, broke his hand?  Not worth the "trill" of riding around on a ATV or motorcycle.  Other than the "new" security that gets paid more in 24 hours than I have been paid for working there 16  years and keeping them out of the grandstand things went great.  Well done Bruce for booking such a wildly successful and popular group.


mightmike said...

These guys did a great job even following the guy headed to the shower saw a little boy and girl in wheel chairs at the back fence with their cameras..
not only did he take time to pose for a picture...he climbed over the fence posed with each
the wire fence wouldn't mess up the picture..he then took time with all the other fans there before heading for his shower...was
very impressive...