Saturday, August 06, 2011

Casting Crowns review

The Wisconsin State Fair house of worship had it's doors open wide tonight at the Mainstage as around 4100 of God's faithful raised their hands to the heavens.  The band was very gracious and nice, they thanked me and everyone they could for being there to assist them in their show, and the lead singer even listed to my father tell stories.  
The opener was from Beaver Damn and friends with my lil' sis.  She was sweet and had people from all over come to see her..including her second grade teacher.
The downside of the night, once again little turds that work at the fair try and ruin an operation that runs perfectly.  Maybe it is because they are jealous just as the kids from yesterday are jealous that others can have a fun, good time while they live in the squaller they have created for themselves.  Maybe it is because they are pukes the other 354 days of the year and need to try and make all that up during the fair.  IDK.  What I do know that for at least the past 16 years good had prevailed and the turds that try and disrupt at the grandsatnd have failed, and will continue to fail because they are failures.  


mightymike said...

The actions of the few uninformed co-workers are not worth spending any time thinking about..