Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oak Ridge Boys and Billy Dean review

A small but intelligent crowd attended the last music show at the 2011 Wisconsin State fair. Opener Billy Dean has the looks, the talent, the songs, but I guess is not a contestant on American Idol, so people don't give a crap.  I challenge you to have young children and listen to the song, "Let them be Little" and not tear up.  Tonight was a show of good ol' country music. Music that had a message and sounded good.  Even today's country music is bubble gum pop.  I stopped listening to country once that happened.  I liked the story, the meaning to songs.  That is gone now, and that is why you have in the music industry a flavor of the month.  None of them will ever be big because they have no talent and no substance. 
There was threat of a storm so Billy Dean only sang 25 minutes and the "Boys" did a little under 1:30.  The Oak Ridge Boys have been around for 30 years yet still sound great, have songs that are pleasing to the ears, hooks that I remember from 1982, and a genuine love of music.  Even with a small crowd they played full speed, enjoyed themselves, and therefore the crowd enjoyed it all.  Of course you had the hits like "American Made" and "Bobbie Sue."  But when they sang "Elvira" there were hundreds of people lined up outside the stands trying to see in and take pictures.  It is a real problem in all forms of music.  No one will give a crap about anyone making music now in 30 years, who are we going to have coming to our State Fairs and music festivals?  The next person who won a contest on TV or the internet?  Give me good ol' fashion music any day.

Benno wins State Fair vendor of the Year...
In a very close race, Benno once again won State Fair vendor of the year. Benno changed it up this year and talked trash about the other contestants, but it was all in fun.  I love being at the fair so much. A thunderstorm rolled in, we listened to U2 Zoo play at the Bud, and drank inside the roof of the Micro.  

The night ended with a run at Bar Louie.  Very good time, fun to see good friends...xoxoxo


mighty mike said...

Back at you GAME....the newest members of the Grand Ole Opry again
proved why talent and hard work will always top a vote on some television show...Billy Dean is still a very talented COUNTRY

Marshall Art said...

Geez, Game. It's been over a year. When will you post again? Are you OK?