Friday, August 12, 2011

Whitesnake review

I was ready to call this show "The A-hole Circus" in preparation of what I thought would happen backstage Thursday night at the Wisconsin State Fair.  Instead I have to admit there were few problems.  There were a few crazed fans that managed to be backstage for a few minutes, but were quickly kicked out.  There was a big guy that had an old LA Guns laminate on who got back early in the day.  Since we did not have our meeting yet to tell us what was allowed a laminate of the band sounds good.  Problem is he is someone who was kicked out many times from backstage for their concerts.  I was puzzled why the lead singer allowed him in their dressing room to take a beer, but after the very big manager saw that, he took care of business.  Now, this could have been a time when the A-hole-ness started, but it didn't.  He said he realized why that would happen and who that guy was.  He didn't get back the rest of the night.  The lead singer of Whitesnake was very nice and thankful for all that we did.  The shows were not very good.  I do not know one song from LA Guns.  Skid Row has three songs I like, but they do not have Sebastian Bach anymore.  Funny thing is this singer looks a lot different from the last one, so I asked one of the band members why they have a new lead singer again.  He said this is the same one.  I said, "No, you used to have a skinny blond haired guy"  He responded, "Ya, that is the same guy, he just got fat."  Anyway,  David Coverdale has facial expressions that I didn't know where possible by a human face.  He really can't sing much anymore, but he can grab his junk and have simulated sex with the microphone stand.  I guess the 3000 people in the grandstand must have liked it, but I'm not sure why.  Throw in that Whitesnake played about an hour 20 with about 20 minutes of that being guitar and drum solo, and you have a perfect storm for me to want to get out of there....which I couldn't because they had a "meet and greet" after.  Not much of one when the lead singer is on a bus then minutes after the show.  I was forced to sit there while nothing happened for a good 30 minutes, then another 30 minutes of people just wandering around talking to the band members who were left. The low point (and the point where the production manager said we could leave) was when the meet and greet broke out into a game a hacky-sack.  Truly a new low.   No one was a jerk or out of control, just bla.  I guess that is the theme of the night, not bad,just bla.

The excitement of the day came when the Guinness Book of World Records certified that the State Fair made the Worlds Largest Cream Puff at 122 pounds.  I took a picture looking like I was eating was funny.  
We finished the night at SafeHouse...stayed til close having a good time with good friends.  Only a few days left for those to continue.  


mighty mike said...

Would have been interesting if the L.A.Guns manager had dragged that fan-atic out of the dressing room..