Sunday, August 09, 2009

Wisconsin State Fair Day 4: Saturday August 8th review and Sunday August 9th preview

Time Warner Cable Review: Due to the fact I had two meet and greets to tend to, I did not see very much of Keith Andersons set. And to be honest, I really do not have much of a clue who these guys are. What I can talk about is what a pleasure it is to work with these kinds of people. Jason Michael Carroll came off the stage and immediately told everyone around him how wonderful and great the crowd was, and how much fun he had. He personally thanked each and every security guard he saw and was genuine. Both these guys talked to everyone backstage as long as they wanted and did just about whatever was asked of them. The Fairest of the Fair even got Keith Anderson to wear her crown while she wore his cowboy hat for a picture. In my 14 years of working at the Wisconsin State Fair I have never seen anything like that. After the show the guys stayed backstage and had a good old time. When we finally left at 1230 they were finally winding down. They enjoy what they do and appreciate everything they have. Maybe a good lesson to learn. These guys obviously understand they have it good right now and that might change at any second. We should all strive for better, but be happy with what we have been given. I sure hope the 3100 in attendance Saturday night were as appreciative of the show they saw as the performers were for putting it on.

Preview for Sunday, August 9th
Time Warner Cable Mainstage: Demi Lovato and Jordan Pruitt 6pm

Beef. it’s what’s for dinner. and sentry foods day - sunday, august 9
The Wisconsin Beef Council and Sentry Foods invite you and your family to join them in Central Mall! Receive FREE beef recipes, nutrition information and product coupons. Delicious value-added and NEW beef and veal products will be sampled by area vendors from 10am – 4pm. Don’t miss the activities and contests for children throughout the day!

SENTRY CHILDRENS CONTESTS--Twins Look Alike, Best Animal Sounds, Best Muscles Competition (Strongman), and Longest Hula Hoop 2pm

Charcoal grill: Pat McCurdy 5-8

check out the entire schedule here


Scorpion said...

GAME...A really RIGHT ON point of view once again on your obviously
RIGHT ON site...hope all of the opposition takes time to think about these realities being pointed out at the WISCONSIN STATE FAIR....